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(Q) Our female 23-month-old Cocker Spaniel keeps jumping up and barking for us to throw her ball. We have tried ignoring her, not talking, and turning our backs. Nothing seems to work. (A) Behaviourist Steve Goward says: Barking due to excitement and frustration is natural and at some point this behaviour has been rewarded. Successful outcomes are repeated, even if you

Here’s a sneaky peep at the new Doggy Lodge Day Care Centre. This will be the main playing field for the doggies to play and run free. Next week it will be fully secured using specialist 5ft dog fencing. Behind you can see the doggy Lodge which also has a large garden. Here will be the shelter for the doggies as

No one wants to lose their pet. But in the event that your dog does go missing, it is commonly agreed that the best chance of finding him is through a microchip – so much so that microchipping will be compulsory for all pets in England as of April 2016. Microchipping facts A microchip is a small electronic device, about

With a little time and patience, all pet dogs can learn tricks to give them a little ‘X-factor sparkle’. Teaching tricks can also improve the bond between you, reduce boredom, and decrease the risk of injury as your dog becomes more flexible and develops body awareness. Here are 10 easy tricks to teach. As with any new activity, if your

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